Robert E Harney

"I suppose that I started my career as an artist quite by accident."

"I have been drawing all of my life, from early childhood on. I have stopped drawing at different times, sometimes for years, but have always returned with renewed passion.  I didn't take my art seriously until later in life where encouragement and support from others had made me realize that I actually do have a talent.


" I have learned that being able to create for others, as well as for myself, is a gift 
that I will always be grateful for."

"Born and raised in Boston, Mass., Robert moved to the more rustic setting
of Mansfield, Mass. over 25 years ago.  His wildlife pictures are a result of this influence, although he has expanded his subject matter dramatically.   Robert developed a love for art early in hischildhood.  He is a self-taught artist whose raw and versatile talent shows up in his work."  


Robert enjoys working in all mediums. The subjects of his work vary greatly
and range from landscapes to portraits. His goal is for his work to evoke an
emotion in it's audience reflective of the inspiration he had in creating
the piece.
He is available for custom jobs and commissioned work.
Robert is a member of the Foxboro Arts Association and the Mansfield Music   
& Arts Society.

2004 to 2008  ~ Foxboro Boyden Library Gallery Coordinator for FAA
Gallery Showings:

April 7 -17 2003 ~ Fidelity Art Exhibit       "Collecting Shells"

August      2003 ~ Foxboro Boyden Library     Artist of The Month Exhibit 

April       2004 ~ Foxboro Boyden Library     Artist of The Month Exhibit

May         2004 ~ The Artist's Way           Gallery Exhibit

November    2010 ~ Foxboro Boyden Library     Artist of The Month Exhibit




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